Refer a young person

We work in partnership with medical professionals, Social Workers, school staff and related professionals to make sure the young people who need our help the most will have access to our support programme.

Who we are. Renaissance Foundation inspires young people facing various serious challenges to fulfil their unique potential. We focus exclusively on three hard-to-reach groups that are young carers, young patients suffering from life-long/life-limiting illnesses and transitioning from children's care to adult care, and young pupils from deprived backgrounds (‘school pupils at risk’), all referred to us by well-respected authorities when they are 13-16 years old.

Whilst each group is dealing with certain specific issues, research has proven that these three groups suffer from significant educational, social and emotional challenges such as lower academic attainment, high unemployment rates, isolation, self-destructive behaviour and lack of self-esteem. With this in mind, the charity was set up over 10 years ago by Sat, following his experience of being a young patient and young carer himself. We are an independently-funded charity, which means that there is no cost implication for our referring partners or beneficiaries. 

Our philosophy. The Renaissance Foundation programme uses the power of inspiration, creative and digital learning and vocational development to help our three groups develop key strengths, in order to create high aspirations and build resilience, confidence in public settings and positive engagement with society. Mixing the three groups together is at the core of our approach as it allows beneficiaries to separate from their challenging conditions and to develop empathy towards the situations of the other groups. Finally, we involve our young people in the design of the programme and respond actively to their specific needs. 

Our core outreach programme. A 3-year holistic programme of inspirational and career visits, sessions with role models, practical skills workshops (we provide training in public speaking, interviewing, networking) and digital and filming projects. It follows a progression that promotes the autonomy of young people at an early stage and encourages them to become role models for their younger peers in the final year. The highlight of the programme is a 4-day cultural exchange trip to attend the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway. 



Hospital & Young Patients

Since the establishment of our work we have longstanding partnerships with London's major hospitals, having been identified as specialising in support for young Transition patients. We accept referrals from nurses, consultants and medical professionals. If you have a young person who would benefit from our support please contact us.

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Young Carers

We have over 10 years experience working with established Referral partners including local authorities and charities including Family Action, Rethink Mental Health, and The Children's Society among many others.

If you are a social worker or a family case worker, please get in contact if you would like to refer a young person from London. 

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Pupils at Risk 

We currently focus on supporting young carers through our established partnerships with schools in London.

We have prioritised our services to partner with schools who have applied for the Young Carers in Schools Award. If you are from a School who would like to partner with us please contact us to find out further information.